Samantha Dillon


My art is inspired largely by nature; the colors, shapes, and life forms of the natural world can give me endless ideas for paintings, drawings, or computer-created design. There’s something about the calm and deep hues of the earth that create a sense of peace with the world within me, and this peace I capture in my art to provide a glimpse into a simpler world in our busy daily lives.

For in life we must take a stand, we must work for things, and so the goal with my art is to create a little window into this different world. A world where everything is already perfect and we can sit in quiet thought and just enjoy everything there is. I can draw things realistically but I see nothing wrong in rendering them unrealistically, to purposely change how an item or animal looks to make it new and fantastic is not a lack of ability in an artist but is said artist telling the audience that it is okay to imagine. I invite every person to be creative and to think differently than the norm.

In designing, I see the elements of design as important things to be aware of and incorporated into my art. I understand color, which colors work together and which do not, I know which are warm and cool, I know what emotions and ideas they spark in their viewers. I understand layout, how the positioning of elements in relation to the canvas and each other effect the overall piece and how it is seen. I understand shape and line, how these can be represented in infinite variations and how to suggest lines and shapes as opposed to physically representing them.

Whatever the assignment or client requires, I do whatever I can to create the best piece to meet it. There is no point, to me, in creating things for people if you are not going to be at least as passionate about representing their vision as they are. Therefore I am dedicated to doing whatever I can to help my clients reach their goals, I want to work with them and get their feedback in everything I do because what I am creating is for them and not me. I believe communication between the designer and client is essential so that the designer can understand what exactly the client wants and the client can learn from the designer about logos, brochures, web sites, etc. to better realize their vision.


  • logo design
  • web design
  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • html
  • css
  • dreamweaver
  • design
  • brand identity